I bought this pretty chibiusa throw pillow last night at the Sailor Moon Art Show at Q Pop last night!!

The art was all amazing, I wish I could buy it all ; u ;

I’m dressed as Black Lady, it’s hard to look evil when I’m this happy!

Saw this on facebook today, I decided I’m going to try my best and enter!

I’m really passionate about making our world a more kawaii place :)

My other kawaii babes out there should apply too! 


I need it

UK standard edition

(Source: amazon.co.uk)

Would anyone be interested in buying my spank! dresses? 

Edit: Sold the space poppin dress!

Pictures I took from the first ever Harajuku Fashion Walk in L.A.! 

Taken using my Fujifilm instax mini 8 

pix of myself, dracubop, monsterkun, popkeiboyfriend, and rin rin doll <3

My outfit for the Harajuku Fashion Walk in L.A. last weekend :)

Took this photo with my instax mini so I’m sorry if it’s blurry! 

My face yesterday for the Harajuku Fashion Walk presented by Fairytale Boutique!

Better late than never? My instax films with dracubop from NYE <3 

Why isn’t America this cute

Diamond lashes come with a catalog in Japan! So many different kinds it’s so hard to choose

Harajuku Baskin Robbins! Popping soda I’m coming for you

I’m in Japan right now and I had this at Mister Donut today!! It’s prettier than it tastes….

Sorry I abandoned this blog… I’ve had a lot of crazy things going on for the last six weeks!

Got a job in L.A.

Moved to L.A.

Leaving for Tokyo in three weeks YOOOOOO

I promise to take lots of pictures! Can’t wait to buy all the clothes and sailor moon reboot merch!

I’m gonna be in Tokyo with my best friends for Halloween


My new boyfriend!