Anonymous sent: Where did you get those cute pink runners with the bows?

Hello! They’re by Japanese brand SWIMMER, they were only available in-store. I got shopping service chibi_tenshi on livejournal to buy them for me. This was all back a few years so IDK if they make them anymore. You can check second-hand auctions sites like or

I keep up with in-store releases with my favorite brands with poupee jiten on, and looking at Japanese magazines like Kera and Zipper. You can find scans online at Happy searching!


nebulaspirit sent: So I think if you haven't heard of Yolandi Vissir you might like her, particularly in the "Baby's on Fire" music video

Oh yeah I know all about her!! She’s an idol to me! 


I actually saw her and Ninja at a party I was volunteering for once, but was too chicken to talk to them! Q_Q

Anonymous sent: Do you believe in love?

Of course I do, it’s a chemical in your brain that makes you feel warm and fuzzy & that’s a scientific fact ❤ღ(。◕‿◕。)ღ❤

Anonymous sent: your whole tumblr is just so quality i can't even deal with it goddamn

Ha ha ha Awww thank you! I’m glad!

Anonymous sent: first of all you're way better looking than that girl in the picture w blue hair. gross. and second of all, shes rachet and no where near perfect. you're welcome.

What the hell?

You must be new here.

And she’s as close to perfection as you can get! Her hair looks ah-mazing and she’s wearing a Sailor Moon sweater!

Anonymous sent: Where did you get your DSi case?

Hello! It’s from Japanese brand SWIMMER. I actually bought it second hand a long time ago so it’s no longer available on the site, and I sold my dsi and case a while back to help pay for my 3ds.

mado-homo sent: you kinda look like Venus Angelic just prettier and less fake hahha

Wow thanks for the complement! This photo is totally fake though, it’s all makeup, flash and filters lol!

frillypinkdreams sent: Hi! ^^ I just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful tumblr blog you lead! :) It is always full of inspiration, and it brightens my day <3 I hope you have a wonderful day or night where you are ^^ Please take care :D

Aww thank you!! I am so flattered that you like the stuff I post. I don’t deserve any credit though, it belongs to all the rightful artists that create these things for me to reblog ;) I hope you have a wonderful day too pretty lady!

parasite-planet-deactivated2013 sent: It's a polychaete worm, latin Eunice Norvegica! Sooooo pretty! If you eat it I bet you'll get magical powers, it's like the unicorn of worms. ;3;

I was thinking it was like a glittery lobster lol. It’s too pretty to eat!

Anonymous sent: Lol, that vintagedolls chick is bitching about your response to her followers. I find it -really- weird that she felt the need to screencap your reply and try to make fun of you. What a cunt. I unfollowed her for that. I don't even care about the giveaway anymore. People that disgusting don't deserve followers.

Wow, she’s crazy overreacting! I thought my response was entirely civil given the circumstances too. 

I suppose the best thing to do is to ignore her from now on and not escalate things, because haters make you famous and I think that’s what she wants :P

vintagedolls sent: i hope you know you have no chance of winning my giveaway because you aren't following me

Ha ha ha RUDE! I don’t want your leftover, used shit in that case.

I didn’t see any of these rules on the post, just a flash widget that said something about gaining entries for “liking” or “rebloging” something, after connecting to facebook, which I did. 

Posting publicly so people can see your rudeness and not follow you :P

Seriously who is this desperate to message random people about following them? XD

Anonymous sent: How tall are you? Because you looked really tall to that dark haired girl "Dania" on Facebook hehe how tall is she also?

Come off anon and maybe I’ll tell you ( ‘^’)b

rekels-deactivated20130421 sent: you make dresses?!?!?! <3

Yeah! So far I’ve only made things for myself but I’m putting together a design line this fall. :3

Anonymous sent: Wow! I saw your clothes and I fell in love <3

Aww thank you so much! I can’t wait to take more photos in ththe future :)

Anonymous sent: How were you able to buy the Nadia dress?! I searched up their website but they don't seem to have a webstore!

My friend bought it for me while she was in Tokyo, it was ¥5000 They don’t have a webshop so it’s in-store only. You could get a shopping service to buy it for you, I don’t know which one though