Working hard updating the store! We will be holding a soft opening before the grand opening on Sep 12…. Stay tuned lovelies! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Hey everyone! Please come out tonight to support my new online shop, TICKLED SHOP!

I carry a wide variety of kawaii fashion, accessories and lifestyle goods from all over the world, including American designers and original Japanese brands!

Please visit tonight at 12 midnight PDT (3 hrs 15 mins away) and enjoy 15% off for Sep 12 with code GRAND OPEN15!! Happy Shopping!

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My Anime Expo 2013 outfit!

Necklace: 6% Doki Doki
Tank: Galaxxxy
Shorts: Express
Bag: Kreepsville 666
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Awwwww look it’s popkeiboyfriend and me wearing our matching galaxxxy sweaters!!

galaxxxy NEW SHOW ROOM!!!

Why can’t this be my house (´;ω;`)

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Galaxxxy tag on my new sweater! The bottom melty portion is the part they usually tear off when you buy it! 

I’m using this as my nationstates flag. No regrets

Galaxxxy is a guest of honor at AX!

Japanese street style brand Galaxxxy is a guest of honor at Anime Expo next weekend! Come and see my cute friends and myself model in the fashion show day 3 of the con!

I’m so happy, Galaxxxy is one of my favorite brands! There will also be a booth to purchase clothing and accessories in the exhibition hall!

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“galaxxxy”, the name of apparel brand, is known as vivid color wear held a fashion event focused on collaboration with Gurren Lagann Exhibition in Shibuya from May 22nd to June 19th.

Featuring special items by galaxxxy and you can even find the previous collections!

You will see storyboard, dubbing script, original drawing, and more documents and materials for filming at the exhibition.

(Source: joe-inter.co.jp)